The age of serious satire

I love this post on Huff Po today.

Young Americans See Colbert/Stewart as becoming a serious news outlet

What Colbert and Stewart have brilliantly done is they have slowly and patiently changed the landscape of the common news language. The duo of the old guards of TV news and the political system has gotten to be such a laborious joke that everyone knows it. But to be fair everyone also knows some of the information that the news conveys is important. So why not combine the two, right? Stewart has been the master of that. I can watch The Daily Show on any given night and get all the information I need whilst also laughing my ass off.

The only downside is that I can see young people will become cynical to a fault. Extensive exposure to the Stewart Colbert vernacular creates an air of acceptance that the system is fucked beyond repair and all we can do is grin and bare it. That’s partially true but also hopeless. We must not loose site of the great experiment that America is and can still be. Anyway, it’s an interesting post on Huff Po.

50% off of 10%

I find this to be the most telling portrait of what consumers are doing with their smart phones. While Apple hovers around a 10% market share of smart phones in use, they dominate mobile web traffic at nearly 50%! Does this mean surfing the web on a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device sucks? yes. But that also means that’s not why people buy a Blackberry. With such a huge numerical disparity I would go on to say that the iPhone isn’t even a smart phone – a new “mobile computer” category should be created.

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