Visual Art

Here’s some visual art that I’ve been working on. It’s entirely digital, using a stylus pen brush in a couple of different programs. I like to say that it’s digitally hand painted. There are no auto fills or renders. I use the stylus like a brush.

Rothko obviously comes to mind when taking them in. He’s one of my great visual inspirations for life. Since I do not consider myself a visual artist (or do I?), I spent some time taking in his catalog of work and then got inspired to make some of my own stuff. I’m especially fond of amorphous colors and shapes that bring us to abstraction. Life, emotion, joy, pain, love and darkness isn’t a very linear or precise set of qualities. I hope these paintings reflect that.

When printed on high quality high-DPI matte paper, they come out very nicely. Prints are available in different sizes. If you are interested please email me at [email protected]


Matter, 2020 Digital Painting using stylus brushes
Of these, hope. 2020 Digital painting using stylus brushes

Air and Prison. 2020

BLM. 2020.

Shadow work. 2020

Off/On. 2020.