Psychedelic Studies


w/ Zach leary

The Psychedelic Studies Intensive Program is an 8 week course designed to deliver a holistic, modern yet mystical approach in assisting others with their healing using psychedelic plants and medicines. The curriculum is designed as a mystically and scientifically oriented deep dive into psychedelic studies and culture, so if you aren’t sure that being a guide is right for you at this stage in your journey that’s ok. This course will bring you closer to whatever stage you are in the journey of psychedelic healing.

Join the nearly 100 others who have taken the course and have created a dynamic and thriving community that is connected through their passion in helping our society learn more about these compounds.

I’m confident that this program is a well rounded educational, interactive and spiritually conscious deep dive that explores the many aspects of what it takes to be an effective guide, experienced psychonaut or harm reduction advocate. It combines my own experience with clients, my personal study with Ram Dass, the MAPS protocols, the research done at Johns Hopkins, NYU and other institutions, the feedback given by students and traditional contemplative practices.

The course is 8 weeks, with 2 classes per week, each conducted over ZOOM. Each week is a different class module that covers the different requirements of what it takes to be a safe, compassionate and effective psychedelic guide as well as giving you the knowledge to understand the last 60 years of psychedelic research and culture.

Program Dates and Enrollment:

The next cohort is from Aug 27 ​2024- Oct 17 2024. (new dates)

Classes meet on Wednesdays ​and Thursdays at 4 pm CST

Course Fees – $2500

STUDENT ENROLLMENT AND FEE OPTIONS – If you wish to enroll in this program or have questions on class fee options please fill out this form.

This is not a “trip sitter” approach – rather, it uses a methodology that brings the student to a place that rests in the middle of traditional therapy and mystical healing. Psychedelic healing is the essence of the “new thought, ancient wisdom” paradigm and puts into action methods from the West and the East. It is my hope that you will take this course to expand your personal knowledge of psychedelic plants and medicines but also be equipped in assisting others with their needs.

The class size is limited in order to provide as much personal interaction as possible. Every class is done over ZOOM so please be comfortable with that technology. There are NO pre-recorded classes or videos offered behind a paywall, this class is 100% live, personal and interactive!

Please read the information below to gauge if this program is right for you. NOTE – This program is designed to serve as a harm reduction method and takes a psycho-spiritual approach to psychedelic guided therapy and overall psychedelic medicine studies. It by no means certifies you as a medical professional.

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