Virtual living rooms, turn it up man!

Of all the random ideas aimed at creating new music business models on the web this feels like it makes the most sense. Take two already embraced consumer water holes, Facebook and Pandora, and tie them together. Duh.

Reprinted from DMM:

Remember when people used to sit around and listen to music together?  Of course, those moments still exist, but the digital music experience is often a private pleasure.

So how to reconnect?  Pandora is addressing that question by integrating itself into Facebook, a huge move towards networked listening.  At a top level, the integration allows friends to quickly share stations with their Facebook friends, part of a much broader “Open Graph” build-out for Facebook.  Pandora is a major component of that expansion, and was discussed prominently by Mark Zuckerberg during a keynote at the F8 Developer Conference on Wednesday.

The idea is delightfully simple and connected.  Pandora users can easily link their Facebook profiles and friends into their stations, or, opt-out to remain private.  But why not hold hands on this new discovery commune?  “I’ve been testing out the service while we were developing it and I have to say it really brings a wonderful new human dimension to the listening experience,” Pandora founder Tim Westergren relayed.

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